Hi there, I'm Angela!

I'm a freelance photographer with nearly ten years of experience, based in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

While Music photography is my speciality, I am also passionate about Weddings, Portraits and Event photography.

My photography journey started back in 1998, at Plymouth College of Art & Design in the 'olden' days of film. Skip forward a few years and a few locations later- with the introduction of DSLR's it was time to make a hobby something more official.  Angela Smith Photography was born!

Photos are memories. Capturing moments, emotions and stories. Photos are to be cherished, a keepsake. You never realise how much a photo can mean to someone and the emotions it can stir. From brides looking back on their special day, to fan's reliving the excitement of being at a gig, there's nothing like knowing you were the one who froze that moment in time. 

If you think we could work together, please contact me using any methods in the contact section. 


Angela x ​